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InVeritas Property Inventories ensures that its reports are comprehensive, accurate and detailed. This is essential as we do not not want any disputes to arise.

The process begins when an agent or landlord contacts us to carry out a new inventory of a property that is to be leased. Our Inventory clerk will arrange to collect the house keys from the client and ascertain the location of the utility meters and any other important information.

It is our policy to fully inspect the property and its outbuildings, garden and grounds if applicable. A written report, including photographs, is then completed, based upon this thorough evaluation.

Once the Inventory is completed it is emailed in PDF to the agent or landlord.

It is highly recommended that all parties, particularly the tenant, thoroughly read our inventories to avoid any unnecessary disputes.

A check-out report will be done at the end of a tenancy and at the request of the landlord or agent.

A check-out report is imperative as this will give an accurate account of any changes that may have occurred within the property during the tenancy. Our Inventory clerk will meet the tenant at the property and discuss any changes that may have occurred. A full report is completed including photographs. The keys are signed for by both parties and the clerk will secure the property and return the keys to the client.

We will carry out a check-in report on request by the client and at the beginning of a tenancy.

Once the keys have been obtained from the landlord or agent our clerk will meet the tenant at the property. Our clerk, together with the tenant, will inspect the property inside and outside. This will ensure that there is a mutual understanding and agreement upon the details and condition of the property. These will be recorded in the check-in report including photographic verification.

Interim reports are requested by the landlord or agent usually during the year on a quarterly basis.

Our interim reports are important and are intended to keep the landlord or the agent informed of the state of the property and it will also give the tenant the opportunity to discuss any issues regarding the property.

Photographs will be included where necessary and a detailed written report is completed.

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Founded by Sarah Thomas, InVeritas Inventories provides a complete Property Inventory Service. We cover The New Forest, Southampton and surrounding areas.