Inveritas Property Inventories - Code of Practice

  1. The Inventory clerk will compile inventories and conduct check-outs and check-ins in accordance with the Guidelines of the Association.

  2. The Inventory Clerk will carry out commissions objectively, in a fair and impartial manner.

  3. The Inventory Clerk will be prepared to assist in the event of a dispute and to attend Court if required, at any agreed fee.

  4. The Inventory Clerk will declare, prior to accepting a commission, whether he/she has any vested interest in the property or connection with the parties concerned.

  5. The Inventory Clerk will not have any financial connection with a maintenance, cleaning or similar contracting company.

  6. The Inventory Clerk will provide details of his/her Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance on request.

  7. The Inventory Clerk will abide by the decisions of AIIC in the event of a dispute concerning a breach of the Code of Practice of the Association which has been referred to the Association.

Code of Practice - Inventory report

InVeritas Property Inventories will:

  1. Complete a thorough Inventory of your rental property and detail all findings within a comprehensive Inventory Report.

  2. Review the condition of the property at the start of the tenancy.

  3. Report on both furnished and unfurnished properties.

  4. Take high quality digital photographs. Any areas of note are detailed within our written section of the report.

  5. Meticulously survey the cleanliness of the property and note any areas of damage.

  6. Accurately record meter readings for gas, electricity and water.

  7. Review the inventory with tenants, advising them on areas requiring their attention. This would include cleanliness standards and their obligation for property and garden maintenance.

  8. Sign keys over to new tenants.

  9. Confirm agreement of the condition of the property by the tenant signing the inventory report.

Code of Practice - Check-outs and Interim visits

Inveritas Inventories will meet the outgoing tenants on the last day of their tenancy when the property should be empty of all the tenant’s possessions, and any furniture provided by the landlord must be placed in its’ original location. The property should have been cleaned by a professional cleaning company and this should include carpeting.

The condition of the property is thoroughly checked against the original Inventory report and any differences, damage or missing items are noted. Photographs will be taken as supporting evidence and included in the check-out report.

Once the checkout property visit has been completed the Inventory Clerk will talk the tenant through their findings. The meter readings will be recorded and the keys will be signed over to the Clerk. On completion, a copy of the checkout report will be sent to both the tenant and landlord or agent.

Interim visits

Inveritas Inventories will also complete interim property visits on behalf of letting agents and landlords. We will visit the property, review the condition of the interior and the exterior of the property and the tenant will be advised of any notable issues. We will complete an interim report detailing any findings.

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Founded by Sarah Thomas, InVeritas Inventories provides a complete Property Inventory Service. We cover The New Forest, Southampton and surrounding areas.